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    1. Minecraft username- Tobyx

    2. Your discord name and ID- Toby#0875

    3. Your Timezone- EST

    4. How many hours a day can you be online?- Depends on the day, I'm usually on my computer a lot though, On weekdays probably an hour or two after school, on weekends, probably 2+ hours, I'm usually on a lot more on the weekend. I'll basically be one whenever i have freetime.

    5. Are you able to record on the server, If so what software do you use? - Yes, i use OBS, and I will record, people if i see they are cheating just to be secure. If i see someone being toxic, or hacking, or something along those lines, I'll be sure to record it, I will always record if i have to ban someone or punish them in some way, just to have proof to show.

    6. What languages can you speak fluently?- I speak TINY bit of spanish, because i take the class and English is my main language blah blah i know how to speak it.

    7. Do you have any past experience at being staff? Please explain if you do - Yeah i was staff on an old prison server, "" But i resigned for personal issues, i've also been admin on this other faction server, but i left it because it was boring. I used to own a kit pvp server aswell but it died so i stopped it.

    8. Why should we pick you over anyone else?- Because, I simply love helping people, when i help someone do something it, makes me and them happy. Many people have different reasons to apply for staff. Mine will sound a little cheesy but its true. I purely enjoy helping people. I am a good problem solver and I have an good brain. I have handled many situations in the past and I believe that the challenges I will face on your server will be within by ability.I am that guy you see online on a server that has 200 slots available and only one person online, that being me. I am that guy you see at 3 O'Clock in the morning playing Minecraft for no apparent reason. Dedication is what I lack in the past server I was working for and that was the reason why I quit or the server ended up being closed. But I'm overall a great choice for your server.

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